What Is a Car Suspension?

Your vehicle’s suspension system is a protective network of components such as dampers and springs. Their job is to absorb shock ensuring your drive is smooth and safe. This is accomplished by absorbing the energy from the many road bumps you will encounter in your travels. It also helps increase tire friction so that your vehicle maintains contact with the road.

A good set of shocks is a critical component. Shock absorbers on a vehicle isolate the movement of the wheels, as well as absorb the energy from bumps and potholes that can otherwise throw the car off course.

Most of us drive around on roads that are constantly in motion. The road we drive on is constantly changing, with temperature fluctuations, bumps, potholes and bumps, and not to mention the various other objects like trucks, cars and people that can creep up on you at any moment. These continuous changes cause cars to bob up and down. This is known as suspension. To counter this, car suspension systems are designed to absorb the energy of the moving car, and to smooth it out. This in turn limits the discomfort, if any you feel inside of your vehicle.

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The main parts of a vehicle’s suspension:

  • Springs: help to control the height and load of the suspension and cabin.
  • Shocks:  (also called dampers), reduces the vibration that results from tires coming intact with various road surfaces. They also help prolong the lifespan of the tires.
  • Anti-sway bar: helps to stabilize your vehicle’s movement by keeping the wheels steady and preventing the vehicle from swaying all over the road.
  • Front & back wheel suspension systems: these will either be dependent or independent.
  • dependent suspension systems allows the wheels on both the right and left side to connect and operate as a team. 
  • Independent suspension systems are where each wheel has its own independent support. 

Signs Your Vehicle Suspension is Damaged

Signs of a damaged suspension can include

  • vehicle ride is very rough
  • pulling during turns
  • dips or lurching forward when stopping
  • tire treads are uneven
  • shocks are damaged

Bad suspension can greatly affect your ability to control your vehicle. This is especially true when turning or stopping. 

How long do car suspensions last?

Your car’s suspension typically needs some repairs or part replacements like the shocks and struts at around 50,000 miles.

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