There are tires that will live up to the task and those that are… less than ideal.  Knowing which tires are right for your car is important, as it could mean the difference between life and death or just a little more money in your wallet by saving on repair bills later on. 

Tires come in different sizes and shapes depending on two main factors: tire width (basically, how wide they are) and wheel diameter (how round it is).  When checking your tires yourself, check that they have enough threads to still be safe (at least 3/32nds of tread left if not more).  Make sure your tires are not worn out, because they may be prone to blowouts.  Also, tires can lose pressure over time, causing gas mileage  and performance problems. So if you find a tire has lost too much pressure it needs to be replaced soon or risk flat tires later on.

If you look at tires from the side, there will be grooves cut into them called treads. These grooves help spread water out when tires roll through it so that your car doesn’t hydroplane (or basically skid). These grooves also give tires traction during acceleration and braking. Tires need proper maintenance throughout their lifetime or else these grooves wear out and tires become more dangerous to drive on.

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Signs Your Tire is Wearing Out

Signs your tire is wearing out includes:

  • tread depth loss over the life of the tire (before it wears completely bald). 
  • uneven wear between tires (caused by tires being unbalanced)
  • tire pressure is often low and needs replenishing often

How to Maintain Your Tires

Frequent rotation is a big part of tire maintenance for cars that drive normally (no racing or off-roading).  This can prevent uneven wear on tires as well as increase the life and performance of tires. The basic idea behind rotating tires is to always switch tires from front to back and back to front every time you get new tires put on. Tires have heavy weight concentrated in the middle. If you “rotate” tires properly then no individual tire should be weighted down by your vehicle for an extended period of time.  Frequent tire rotations saves money in the long run.  

Tire pressure can also be checked easily by inserting a gauge into the tire and reading the recommended pressure. The tires you buy will have an imprint on them showing what that tires maximum capacity is (and other relevant information). Properly inflated tires are safer to drive on because they roll better and handle better under acceleration/braking. Driving with improperly inflated tires can cause problems such as tires overheating or not being able to stop quickly in cases of emergency.

Lastly, tires should be regularly inspected for obvious damage, such as cracks, bulges , punctures, etc. Cracks in tires can make tires drastically less safe, so they should be replaced as soon as possible. Bulges are indicators that tires might have serious structural damage which makes tires unsafe to drive on–but they still may hold air. 

The most important thing about maintaining your car’s tires is buying new ones every few years–tires wear out eventually, and if you keep driving with old worn out tires you’re throwing away money because your vehicle will take harder to stop and tires will become more prone to punctures.

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Types of Tires

The tire industry is constantly coming out with tires that are more efficient and tires last longer, but tires also cost much more. There are two basic types of tires, summer and winter, with many varieties within each. Summer tires help maximize fuel efficiency by having less tread than winter tires do. Winter tires provide better traction in cold conditions so they will be much safer to drive on during heavy snow or icy weathers. 

Winter tires are made of a softer, stickier rubber compound than summer tires so they provide better traction in snow/ice conditions, while summer tires have tread patterns that help them grip the road better in dry weather conditions (stiffer rubber and grooves in the tires improve handling by keeping tires upright and preventing slippage). 

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