In traditional tire balancing, weights are placed on either side of the wheel so that they are distributed evenly. These weights will counterbalance any imbalance in force within the wheel caused by unbalanced tires. Neither traditional tire balancing nor any other tire balancing method can be guaranteed to make a tire perfectly balanced.

Today traditional tire balancing is being replaced by computer-aided methods of traditional tire balancing. These new machines use electronic sensors that are attached to the wheel and the frame of the vehicle itself in order to measure forces within the wheel as it rotates within its axle housing. Unlike traditional tire balancing, which leaves it up to human interpretation of measurements, these new machines automatically adjust the balance weights based on their readings from multiple points on the wheel and vehicle frame. They can detect differences down to a fraction of ounce per square inch at speeds up to 1,000 rotations per minute. This minimizes wear and reduces harmful heat build up while offering the same traditional tire balancing benefits.

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Computer-aided traditional tire balancing is more complex than traditional tire balancing, but it offers improved performance and accuracy. Traditional tire balancing can only offer even wear if the force ‘wobble’ or eccentricity in each wheel is on a straight line between the center of rotation for that wheel and the steering axis of the vehicle in which it is installed. Computer-aided traditional tire balancing can account for curves due to force within a wheel and will make small adjustments to tensioning devices attached to springs that are installed on either side of wheels so as not to interfere with traditional tire balancing while maintaining balance.

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