The Ray Roach Service Center team in their Saint John Auto Repair garage. Image: Naomi Peters

Auto Repair Saint John | Ray Roach Service Center

At Ray Roach Service Center we know auto repair problems are not only stressful, but a nuisance, disruptive and oftentimes expensive to resolve. That is why our fully trained and experienced technicians go above and beyond to help find solutions that remove your worry and solves your problem in the safest way possible. Our technicians have the expertise to fix whatever repair your vehicle needs. We recognize that not only your safety is at stake, but also that of your family, friends and even strangers. 

As a family run company, we treat you as though you are one of our family members. The same with your vehicle, we care for it as though it’s our own. 

Vehicles come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. Many parts on your vehicle are interrelated. Ignoring warning signals can lead to costly problems. Neglecting simple routine maintenance, such as changing the oil or checking the coolant can lead to poor fuel economy (seen the price of gas lately?!?!) or very costly breakdowns (trust me, you don’t want to have an engine seize on you). Also, if repairs are not taken care of in time, your warranty may become invalid.

Because vehicle repair can be complicated and costly you want to make sure you find the best vehicle repair company you can find in order to ensure you get the best quality of work done.

When discussing your automotive repair needs with you, we take into account all the variables, such as type of vehicle; make or model; age; amount of time needed for service work to be completed; parts availability (parts must match vehicle year); complexity of job required. The key is knowing what needs to be repaired, where to go and what you can afford while keeping safety in mind.

Ray Roach Service Center is focused on quality vehicle repair work with the following focus:

  • Quality service at a fair price for you and your vehicle; 
  • Providing prompt & efficient services to have you back on the road as soon as possible; 
  • Financially managing your repairs by keeping you informed every step of the way on what needs to be done and why; 
  • Helping you understand your vehicle’s repair needs so that, if you are looking for maximum value and longevity of your vehicle, then we can help.
Yevan, one of the talented mechanics at Ray Roach Service Center, an Auto repair garage in Saint John, NB.

Auto Repair Services

What you can expect from us

At Ray Roach Service Center you can expect professional, caring auto repair service. Be prepared to be treated like you’re family!

                                                                           We are easy to find. Just Google Ray Roach Service Center or use the map below.